The Hungarian Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Federation was founded in 2011 and has become a B member of the international Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Federation, IFAGG since 2015, which means that it can operate in Hungary in a federal form. The aim of the association is to promote, develop and educate aesthetic gymnastics, to organize vocational training and to organize and operate a national competition system. In 2013 and 2015 the World Cup was held in Budapest. In 2018, the Hungarian Federation organized a successful world championship with participation record more than 1200 athlets from 40+ countries . Thanks to this, we can organize the IFAGG 2019 World Cup Final this year.

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Our goal is to promote the sport in our country and in the surrounding countries, and to increase the number of member associations and their competitors in all age groups. Provide development opportunities for our best-in-class and age-appropriate teams to catch up with the international elite as quickly as possible.

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MTK Budapest, Szigetszentmiklósi Sport Club, ESMTK, RGmánia Ritmikus Gimnasztika SE, Fouetté Ritmikus Gimnasztika SE,York Com, AGG.HU SE, Főnix Ritmikus Gimnasztika és Rekreációs SE, Adworth, Csepei Ritmikus Gimnasztika Klub

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